Settling in 

Hey!  So yesterday we were supposed to go to the carnival in Oururo which is a few ours away with bus. I went to the terminal together with Irena (the other volunteer) and met a group of some of the volunteers working with the project, altogether we were about 15 people. ALOT of people were … Continue reading Settling in 

Day 1: Here I am!

I’m very very very tired, but all safe and sound. I arrived to Cochabamba this morning! I met the person I’ve been in contact with from the project, Katia, and she took me to where I’m staying. I felt sweaty, thursty and exhausted all at once. But still I couldn’t help smiling while sitting there … Continue reading Day 1: Here I am!

What’s next?

I am currently at Madrid’s airport, killing time before i take the plane to Bolivia were I’m going the spend the next 4 months – and the exitement is killing me! Even though I’m quite bored right now since the depature of the flight changed. Stuck here for 12h yeey.. At least I’ve had three wonderful … Continue reading What’s next?