Lake Titicaca

And of course, after having explored a bit of La Paz I continued to Lake Titicaca and the islands Copacabana and to Isla del Sol (Island of the Sun), all very popular destinations for travellers as myself due to its rich inca-history and stunning nature. Isla del Sol is a boat ride away from the main island Copacabana, with Lake … Continue reading Lake Titicaca

La Paz

Last weekend I packed by backpack again and made my way to the worlds most highest located capital – La Paz! Particularly this weekend there was the festival ‘Fiesta del Gran Poder’ (Festival of the Great Power), which is one of the biggest celebrations in town. Very similar to the carnevals in Febuary, where both locals … Continue reading La Paz


A very delaid update but here it goes. Two weeks ago me and my friend/ collegue Esther went for a little weekend trip to the small town Tarija – THE place to be if you wanna enjoy good bolivian wine and have a laid-back weekend with good weather. The majority of Bolivias’ locally produced wine comes from this place, located … Continue reading Tarija