Toro Toro

Last weekend I took a little trip to a National park of Bolivia named Toro Toro together with Joel, an australian friend from work. We stayed in the village of Toro Toro, which is this small place in the mountains about 5 hours from Cochabamba with micro (a mini bus). You pay 35bs one way and then it leaves … Continue reading Toro Toro

Día del Peatón

Aloha!  So last Sunday was a day called Día del Peatón. Directly translated, the word peatón in English means pedestrian – a person who travels by foot, which is exactly what this day was all about. A highly anticipated tradition here in Cochabamba by the population created to appreciate the nature, to do sports and be with family. Therefore … Continue reading Día del Peatón


A very common phenomenon here in Bolivia are these human roadblocks that the local people create due to a specific problem that they want to raise to the governments attention. I mentioned this during my first days here when there was the carnevals and many people couldn’t get to the parade (or to their homes) due to these … Continue reading Bloqueos