Santa Cruz! 

Hey guys,  Last night straight after work we took the bus to live the big city life over the weekend in Santa Cruz! It was almost a 12h hour ride but quite comfortable since we had very comfy seats that  you could fould out, slept almost the whole way!  Now we’ve just enjoyed a nice … Continue reading Santa Cruz! 

I just loved it!

Got a hold of some more pictures of the rafting and the hike to the waterfalls from my austrian friends Christian & Maggy, and also from the guide’s gopro camera 🙂 (I have videos too but the internet sucks so it takes an eternity to upload..) Anyways, ENJOY!   Continue reading I just loved it!


Ah, finally I have good Internet and time to sit down and write. I am currently at the café that Carmela (my host mom) owns :). It’s a cute little thing in the garden besides a daycare, quite close to the city center. Perfect to sit down and have a guava juice & do some work before hitting … Continue reading Carnaval!

La Cancha

La Cancha is  the largest open-air market in South America. You’ll find anything you need here. From seeds and beans to flip-flops and jewelry. And of course food from all over the world. Yet the best things you get on Wednesday and Saturday mornings when the main deliverers come, but it’s also when it’s the … Continue reading La Cancha